Making a payment is simple! Just follow these basic steps:

Go through the process: Take photos of your pet, select your artist, decide on the size and extra details of your portrait, then contact us!

Due to the specialized nature of each portrait,we prefer to discuss the details with you before any payment is made. We do this to ensure that you love the final result. 

Remember to attach a "JPEG" file of your pet's photo when contacting us. Don't be afraid to send lots of photos. Our artists will be happy to help you decide which will be the best to use.

Once We have discussed the price, you can choose between our two secure payment options  Paypal  and E-transfer.

We will then email you a formal receipt detailing your order; and will be in contact with you throughout the process of creating your masterpiece.  

NOTE: If you are unable to get a satisfactory photo of your pet, we may refuse service. This is to ensure the quality of our work and client satisfaction.

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